Download Colosse for HTC Vive

Colosse is a virtual time reality game which is now free to download and play in the HTC Vive devices. It is a story telling experience with a stylized, character focused visual game. An experience that explores viewer directed storytelling in a unique setting. This moral game is all about storytelling and experience sharing. It creates the themes of the power, love, and respect. Make your VR game play time more amazing with this stylish and stunning HTC Vive device. Wait for the similar series of the new games in the HTC Vive to enhance the gaming experience.


Special features of Colosse game in HTC Vive:

Congratulation! Now Colosse is also available in HTC vive to play. Earlier, it was enjoyable in Gear VR but now, one can enjoy it in the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive too. With the best visual images, get the amazing storytelling experiences in HTC Vive. Some special features of the game which are enjoyable in the HTC Vive:

  • The game is quite short but an interesting one to be played in the window 7 and onward series.
  • Having the best sound features in the HTC Vive headsets, the music expression and suspense of the game is unforgettable.
  • With the neat and amazing animated views of the game, get the reality images on the HTC Vive screen.

Features of the game

  1. Very cool little short story experience
  2. Can make it a quick watch
  3. Equal to those short stories of Rift
  4. Can use art or aesthetics and scale in the game

How to download the game

  • If you want to enjoy virtual reality game with the learning of moral values, the Colosse is the best option to set in your compatible devices.
  • Access it freely through the Steam and get in touch. The game works in the Intel i5-4590 and greater versions.
  • Moreover, get the VRFocus update onto find out the latest news and details on the Colosse game.
  • The notifications will be sent by the Colosse team for further projects. Stay in tune to get the updated versions of the game in near future.