Download Diorama No.1 blocked for HTC Vive

The diorama No.1 blocked in is a workspace of Russian scientist where one will be going to step into the world in which time does not have any means and impossible can bring the world’s end. Just sit and enjoy the view of the end of the world in the intimate detail “apartment room which is blocked by enormous Tetris block while it can easily destroy the entire world” diorama..


Features of the diorama No.1 blocked in

  • Diorama No.1 blocked in is the first part of the shoe box diorama series. The demo is played well by just sitting behind the desk having a proper quality headphone. The Player is not able to walk all around.
  • The Player who has the block phobia must steer clear the demo. The blocked in the diorama is one of the ongoing series of a fantastic diorama for the virtual reality devices by an interactive illustrator.
  • Diorama No.1 Blocked in was first introduced to virtual reality and became a defining experience of virtual reality. It coined the diorama term for some best virtual reality experiences.

How to download the Diorama No.1 blocked in HTC Vive

The Diorama No.1 blocked in is just not a game, neither is it a demo, but the Diorama is a painting that one can easily visit with some simple goal with an inspiring sense of wonder. The diorama no.1 blocked in is an ideal retreat for thinking and being somewhere else.

  • Visit the site of steam powered app store.
  • In the search tab, type diorama no.1 blocked in HTC Vive.
  • Out of search results choose the right one and click on add to cart.
  • After that, make the payment of the amount mentioned.
  • Follow the further process, after installation process you can experience the best ever group of interactive games.