Download Solus project for HTC Vive

The solus project is an exploration adventure played by a single player. The adventure of this game is set on the mysterious planet as well as it a spiritual successor to the ball. The solus project is one of the single player explorations that are driven with adventure including different survival elements. The game is set on the seemingly and the mysterious uninhabited alien planet.


Features of Solus project for HTC Vive

  • The Solus project has numerous features and they are listed below-
  • Explore- player has to unlock the uncharted planet depth and has to discover the secrets.
  • The Survive- player has to survive in such extreme conditions.
  • Handcraft- in this feature player has to explore ten large handcrafted levels.
  • The Adventure- player has to explore the mysterious alien planet, where a single mistake can cost your life.
  • VR- the game support Vive and Oculus, and it also includes room space as well as motion controller.
  • The Savior- player has to remain alive, as the player death means the end of mankind on the planet.

How to download Solus project for HTC Vive

To download the Solus project on your system you have to download US browser which will be going to help you in downloading the game with excellent speed and it also provide a wonderful experience to the player.

  • Check search results on web
  • Click to Download Vive Setup button.
  • Double click the resulting installer to begin the process
  • Search out your game and ensure that Vive has found the correct folder for your game
  • Click the install button
  • Log on HTC account

Guidelines will be given on HTC Vive software, follow this and your download will be completed and now you can play the game.