Download tabletop Simulator for HTC Vive

The table top simulator game includes various base games where fifteen classic games like chess, mahjong, poker, dominoes, Chinese checkers are all included. If the player is a tabletop gaming type gamer, then the game includes one of the RPG kit that provide tile set and furniture along with animated figurines that can be set up by the player.It is possible to create your own game just by importing some images into the custom boards and tables; you can also create custom deck, import 3D models and many new things.


Features of the table top simulator for HTC Vive

  1. The game includes impressive strategy, and simulates game with RPG elements.
  2. Unleash the player aggression just by table flipping.
  3. Set up entire RPG dungeons.
  4. Create joints and hinges with endless possibilities.
  5. The Player can also create their own games just by importing various images.
  6. Online sand box is available with unlimited games and you are free to play according to your wish.
  7. Team system along with text chat and voice
  8. Up to eight players can play at the same time on the table and even talk through in game voice chat.

 How to download the table top simulator for HTC Vive

For enjoying the game table top simulator, the player has to download the mod pack. By unpacking the folder at your place and copy the required modes. If you want to download the game on VR on HTC Vive you have to go to the HTC Vive that takes a bit of time to set up, and there are a lot of different components. But it is easy to download the game if you follow the instruction before you start the game.

Guidelines will be given on HTC Vive software, follow this and your download will be completed and now you can play the game.