Download Vintage VR for HTC Vive  

In the era of virtual reality, people love to play vintage VR in the HTC Vive with the high using original images in 3D. Launching a developer dunderware is Vintage VR headset is an experienced feature that lets new modern technology in the virtual reality (VR). A  Couple of years ago, inventors experimented on 3D images by developing the first stereo scopes. In the 19th century, stereoscopic images spread it through new creation to enhance the technology. HTC Vive owners view the collection of 700 images and 300 antique stereo cards, allowed by Vintage VR. You will see how far the technology has come in the market.


Features of the game in the HTC Vive

  • Arranged in any room decorated in a Victorian style are placed out like scenery, paintings set on the walls of the room.
  • The stereoscopic images have been chosen for the best outcome, though in this era, they want stereo images as good as possible.
  • These devices have held pictures containing the same image sat along.
  • Just stand on the top of the pyramids, view the battleground of the France in WWI, go alligator chasing, and get the drift of the world as people once did from the comfort zone of their Victorian homes.
  • Use it as you like to give your eyes time to adjust and focus between each image.
  • This is the totally remarkable art form that led to the development of the virtual reality headsets. Sitting works are far better than standing for this game.


Now, Vintage Virtual Reality, a sailing game is on finger tips for HTC Vive. This is totally free Virtual Reality practice erected for the HTC Vive. The game needs a number of features to download the game Vintage VR and play it. You can download the game once you have gone through the requirements. After that you can start playing the game that you want to. To interactive session will give a sense of reality.

  • Visit the site of steam powered apps store.
  • In the search tab, type Vintage VR.
  • Out of search results choose the right one and click on add to cart.
  • After that, make the payment of the amount mentioned.
  • Follow the further process, after installation process you can experience the best ever group of interactive games.